One of the oldest Internationally recognized Shia religious Magazine "ISLAH" in Urdu language started its publication from Patna in 1897 under the editorship of Maulana Syed Ali Azhar Sb. Quibla of village Kujhwa. Within a short span of time "ISLAH" became very popular among the Muslim community of the world. Janab Maulana Ali Azhar Sb. continued the publication of "ISLAH" from Patna for a few years. Local people who were against Shia faith developed enmity with Maulana and tried their best to stop its publication. When they were not successful they tried to kill Maulana Ali Azhar by giving him poison. For safety of his life Maulana Ali Azhar Sb. shifted his press to his native place "KUJHWA" from where he continued the publication of "ISLAH" regularly.

Janab Abdul Haleem Sharar had published an article in Urdu Magazine "DILGUZAR". The title of the article was "SAKINA BINTE HUSSAIN". In this article Janab Abdul Hameed Sharar had written that Janabe Sakina daughter of Imam Hussain was very much interested in Shaayeri and often use to call different poets (Shayar) at her residence for listening their "Shaayeri". After the publication of the article, SAKINA BINTE HUSSAIN Shia Ithna-sheries became very much upset. The Maulana of Lucknow preferred to keep silence but Janab Syed Murtaza Naunaherwee from Hyderabad wrote a letter to Janab Sharar Sb. to stop this controversy. But there was no response. Ultimately Janab Maulana Ali Azhar Sb. Quibla published convincing reply against the article of Janab Sharar in his religious magazine "ISLAH". After the publication of Maulana Ali Azhar's reply this controversy was finished for ever.

After the death of Maulana Syed Ali Azhar his son Maulana Syed Ali Haider Saheb Quibla and then his eldest son Maulana Syed Mohammed Baquar Sb. continued the publication of "ISLAH" till his death in 1982. Maulana Baquar Sb. used to send the copy of "ISLAH" from the post office of Kujhwa to different places of India as well as to different parts of the world. At present "ISLAH" is being published from Lucknow under the editorship of Janab Syed Mohammed Jabir Jaurasi who is not related to the family of Maulana and has taken over the publication of "ISLAH" after the death of Maulana Baquar Sb.

The other Urdu Magazine published from Kujhwa were AL-SHAMS, AL-KALAM, AL-TAJ. One of the famous Magazine of Shia community named "SHIA" started its publication under the editorship of Syed Haider Hussain Sahib of Kujhwa. After his death Janab Askari Sb. continued its publication till 1934. From Kujhwa in 1909-1910 a monthly English Paper named "MUSLIM HERALD" started its publication under the editorship of Janab Syed Haider Hussain Sahib. Through this paper he tried to spread the message of brotherhood among the Hindu and Muslim community. After studying MUSLIM HERALD Shree Gopal Krishna Gokhle offered the membership of "SERVANTS OF INDIAN SOCIETY" to Janab Syed Haider Hussain Sahib. He was the first and last Muslim member of this society. After resigning from the society Haider Hussain became the editor of another English paper called "LEADER". In 1918 Dr. Sachidanand Sinha and Mr. Hasan Imam Bar-at-Law started the publication of a English daily paper "THE SEARCH LIGHT" from Patna. They called Haider Hussain Saheb to take the responsibility of its editorship. Mr. Haider Hussain was appointed as Publicity Secretary of State Congress Committee during 1925-1926.

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