According to a FARMAN in Persian language which is present in Bihar State Archives department, Govt. of Bihar, Shah Alamgir had donated 200 Bighas of Agriculture land in Pargana Andar, Sarkar Saran (Presently in Bihar, District Siwan) to Bibi Badi. (Reference : "KUJHWA" Published in 1987).

After a lot of researches it has been established that this village Kujhwa has been established by Janab Syed Ghulam Mohammad prior to 1730 on the same land which was donated by Shah Alamgir to Bibi Badi.

According to historical facts Syed Jalaluddine Surkhposh a Sufi Saint who was born in Bukhara in 595 Hijree migrated in 653 Hijree and came to Multan and from there he went to Bhakkhar in Sindh (Pakistan). He was married to Bibi Fatma daughter of a famous Sufi Saint Syed Mohammad Bhakkaree. After their marriage a son was born whose name was Ahmad Kabir. There were two other famous Sufi Saints whose name was Makhdoom Jalaluddine Jahangast and Syed Sadruddine alias Raju Qattal. They belong to the family of Syed Jalaluddine Surhposh.

According to Islam, love for motherland is a form of worship and loyalty to home - land is a sign of a true Muslim. It is Prophet Mohammad’s teaching that loyalty for homeland is an integral part of a Muslim faith. Islam teaches us to carry the message of peace, and equality amongst human beings.

As a Caliph and a ruler Hazrat Ali said that he promises safety and security of life & property, honor, social status and religious freedom to Non-Muslims and they should not be differentiated and looked down upon. They should be allowed to practice their religion and trades freely and openly. He also emphasized the importance of education so that everybody could understand and implement these messages of Islam.

Madrasas are religious institutions of Muslim community which impart these messages of Islam to children attending these religious institutions. Madrasa Islamia Kujhwa is one such institute which endeavors to communicate these teachings of Islam.

Madrasa Islamia Kujhwa was established in 1921 by Janab Wazeer Hasan Saheb in his own house in Kujhwa. Till 1984 this Madrasa was running in Mosque, Imambara and even in rented house. It had not an inch of its own land what to think about its own building. From 1921 to 1984, Janab Syed Akhtar Hussain, Janab Mozaffar Ahsan, Janab Syed Aftab Ali, Janab Dr. Syed Musi Raza and Janab Syed Letafat Hussain alias Akbari were the Secretary of this Madrasa.